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Here are some important tips about cabin crew interviews and how best to prepare for them. Some of the questions I have provided are the ones I got asked when I first applied for the position. In addition, I have also provided other questions that I found during my research while talking to other members of the team. I cannot guarantee they will be the ones you will get asked, but they will be invaluable during your preparation.

During preparation focus on the following key areas

  1. Learn the role inside out, its important to have an understanding of what it involves.
  2. Be able to outline the qualities of a cabin crew member.
  3. Learn about the airline you are applying to join, visit their website and find out more about them.
    • What is their mission?
    • How many destinations do they have?
    • What is their busiest route?
    • What is their unique selling point? (for example some airlines pride themselves on cheaper fares while others offer exceptional service and quality)
    • What is happening within the company currently?
    • What is their corporate responsibility? (for example steps the airline is taking to protect the environment.)
    • What offers does the airline have for its members?
  4. Appearance is vital. Think carefully about how you intend to dress for your interview. You will be assessed on your presentation during the interview.
  5. Be confident . There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance, know the difference. Above all, keep a genuine smile all the time.

Remember to enjoy the whole experience. If you are good you will be selected!

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